Dave & Busters Case Study

Lead Generation & Engagement Campaign For Dave & Busters

Our best in class digital marketing allows you to leverage social media like never before. Our digital marketing team will leverage video advertising and social giveaways to support your traditional marketing. Our hybrid approach guarantees your business the most exposure and engagement possible.

Video Production & Social Campaigns That Support our Traditional Marketing

We launched 2 ad campaigns for Dave & Buster’s focused on driving brand engagement, coupon claims, and email list growth leading up to the Superbowl. Ad#1 focused on promoting a giveaway in exchange for interacting with our Facebook post. Ad #2 focused on promoting a $20 in free game time coupon, and offered the coupon in exchange for users’ Name and Email address.

1 Week of Results

Social Media Marketing Campaign


  • Duration: 1 Business Week
  • Social Impressions: 32,383
    • 26,931on Facebook
    • 5,452 on Instagram
  • Brand Engagements: 6,865
  • Clicks to Web Coupon: 613
  • Leads (Customer’s Name & Email) Generated: 104

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