Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures

308 Mediterranean Ave • 757.305.9700

Go on the ultimate family fun adventure aboard Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship! Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures invites you to join their crew of brave pirates as they sail the sea to discover a trove of treasures all the while fending off Blackbeard’s scurrilous ghost!As Captain Jack puts it, “A pirate is only as good as his ship.” And, there’s no better boat than the Lost Pearl, the envy of pirates everywhere. The Lost Pearl was custom built to strict U.S. Coast Guard requirements and is a perfect replica of a 65-ft. Spanish Galleon, complete with a 20-ft. beam. She rises majestically on the waves and the evil ghost of the pirate Blackbeard and his crew of ruffians and scallywags cower in their boots when they see the Pearl’s mast bearing down towards them.

While on board, buccaneers should take the opportunity to walk around the decks to marvel at its beauty. Heavily armed with water cannons to ward off Blackbeard’s wicked ghost, Captain Jack asks for help protecting the ship and its treasure.

Book a Family Fun Cruise aboard The Lost Pearl for a swashbucklin’ adventure. All hands will be on deck to help search for stolen treasure. On this cruise the mission is to track down the booty and take revenge on the dirty scoundrel who took it. Learn pirate songs, go under the limbo stick and learn to dance a jig in addition to being thoroughly entertained by a captivating and educational pirate show.

Yo, Matey! Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures celebrate birthdays like no other. After swabbing the deck and making ready to sail the Lost Pearl with all the booty and grub, Captain Jack sets sail to make an old sea dog’s day the best it can be. There’ll be games and sites the likes of which can only be found at a Virginia Beach pirate ship birthday party… pirate style! Four party packages to choose from; Buccaneer, Sea Dog, Capt. Jack’s and Full Boat.

And, for the grown and sexy, Captain Jack sets sail with a Club 21+ Cruise. There will be ample opportunity for dancing, mingling, and sampling the libations, while the music keeps everyone stepping lively during the 1.5 hour voyage. There will be pirate skits of a bawdy and raunchy nature–so be prepared for a high time on the high seas. Keep in mind, there is ne’er any excuse for drinkin’ and drivin’ and for that reason, the Virginia Beach Shuttle (VB Wave) is available until midnight to keep all shipmates safe from harm after the vessel docks. Captain Jack is pleased to provide shuttle service to the parking lot as well as other locations within a reasonable distance.

Family reunions, private trips, organization trips and private parties can book an interactive pirate’s cruise with Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures, too.
Book any cruise online at www.virginiabeachpirateship.com or call 757-305-9700.


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Captain Jack's Pirate Ship Adventures

Captain Jack's Pirate Ship Adventures
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