Pizza & Delivery

200 21st Street & Atlantic Ave. • 757.422.0400

Better than it has to be … Albie’s Pizza and Bar!Albie’s can just serve pizza but, instead, it serves great tasting New York-styled pies and much more!


24th Street & Atlantic Avenue • 757.425.7108
(across from 24th Street Stage)
17th Street & Atlantic Avenue • 757.422.6111
(across from 17th Street Stage)
33rd Street & Atlantic Avenue • 757.747.2511

Well worth the price of admission, Dough Boy’s Pizza is renowned for its academy-award winning pizza performance. The inviting atmosphere is reminiscent of carefree, fun-loving ‘60s beach movies with murals of iconic surf scenes all around the dining room.


35th Street & Atlantic Avenue, VA Beach • 757.428.2002
Great Neck/Shore Drive, Virginia Beach • 757.496.2468

No way, no how can the authentic taste of North End Pizza’s New York-styled pizza be beaten. North End Pizza is one of the oldest local’s favorite pizza parlor in Virginia Beach.